98% of US universities have Facebook pages, while 84% are active on Twitter. 72% of incoming high school seniors reported that they researched their prospective colleges on a social media site prior to choosing where they would attend university. Athletic departments are quickly realizing the impact that social media can have in the recruiting process As an administrator of your university you only get once chance at a first impression of these potential recruits. Everything you do is a reflection of your program and everyone involved in it. As an administrator of your university you educate your student athletes on the fact that they represent more than just themselves. Negativity on social media by any athlete, coach, or administrator can impact the reputation of you athletic program significantly. As a program administrator you are in charge of ensuring that representatives of your program are conducting themselves in a professional manner. Many administrators and coaches have taken to banning social media use altogether to avoid those potential PR nightmares. Yet controlling or banning social media isn’t the answer. A study revealed that 53% of generation Y students would rather give up their sense of smell than give up their social media. By taking away your student’s social media access you are asking them to sit in the corner and not talk to each other. The answer, instead, is to educate your athletes. Social media offers many opportunities for athletes to leveraging social media tools to land their dream job. Legacy After The Game can help you educate members of your program on the risks of social media, show them how to avoid those risks and utilize social media to live their dream life.