A recent study has shown that 72% of incoming high school seniors report that they have researched their prospective colleges on social media prior to making their enrolment decision. A college’s social media presence can have a significant impact on a potential college athlete’s intention to attend a certain school.  As a coach it is important that you engage in different social media platforms and maintain a positive social media presence. For the millennial athlete, engagement is about more than a campus tour or nice dinner. It’s about helping the athlete see how he can fit into a story bigger than himself or herself and into a story that is unlike one being told anywhere else. Everything you and your staff do online can impact an athlete’s decision to choose your school. Legacy after the game will educate you on how to create social media portfolio that will allow you to interact with and communicate your story to athletes.

As a coach you’ve educated you student athletes on how they represent more than just themselves. Everything they do is a reflection on your program and everyone involved in it. As a coach it is also your responsibility to ensure your students athletes are focused, prepared and ready to compete. Negativity on social media can impact team chemistry and an athlete’s confidence. Yet banning social media use is not the answer. 53% of generation Y students would rather give up their sense of smell than give up their social media. By taking away social media use, you are asking your athletes to sit in a corner and not talk to each other. It is important that instead of banning social media that you educate your athletes on proper social media conduct. By educating your athletes they will then know what is expected of them as representatives of your program. It is our goal to teach you how to properly educate you athletes on how to use social media. We will also teach you how to monitor your athlete’s media presence to insure that they are maintaining that positive images you desire