• Legacy After The Game provides empowering social media & leadership education for athletes, coaches & sports professionals so they can control their brand, build their career and shape their legacy after the game ends.
  • Athletes

    Only 1% of college athletes go on to play professional sports, the rest move on to jobs in the working world. Social Media provides a tremendous opportunity for student athletes to control their own personal brand, land their dream job and shape their future legacy.

  • Coaches

    72% of high school recruits will research an athletic program on social media. If you are not present on social media, you are missing a massive opportunity to tell your story, attract top talent and screen potential athletes for your team by following them on their favorite platforms.

  • Professionals

    As an athletic director, you are responsible for ensuring your student athletes and coaches are conducting themselves in a professional manner online. Social Media can be a powerful tool for your athletic program if both parties are properly educated on the opportunities and pitfalls.

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